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San Diego Historical Landmarks

If you’re visiting San Diego, you may want to look into visiting one of the many amazing historic landmarks that are scattered around the San Diego area. San Diego is home to some of the world’s most inspiring landmarks including statues, churches, jaw dropping architecture and beautiful artistic creations dedicated to the areas rich fishing history. There are so many wonderful landmarks to see in San Diego that you’ll probably have to choose only a handful to take a gander at during your visit in the interest of saving time, but the options are so vast that you shouldn’t have any problem finding some that are close by.

ARCO Olympic Training Center ARCO Olympic Training Center is located at 2800 Olympic Parkway in Chula Vista. It is a 150-acre, all-weather building facility that trains about 4,000 athletes for the Olympic rowing, archery, canoeing, kayaking, cycling, soccer, softball, field hockey, tennis, and track and field. The Center has the largest archery range in North America, a synthetic all-weather field hockey venue, 4 soccer fields, a 15,000-square-foot boathouse for canoes, kayaks and rowing boats, a standard 400-meter track course, a cycling course, and 4 tennis courts. Tours from the Copley Visitor Center are conducted for free every day. For more information, visit here or call 6o19-656-1500.

Balboa Park Gardens Balboa Park Gardens is located at 1549 El Prado. It is known for its landscape and beautiful gardens. A 1,200-acre park, it offers an amazing background for cultural attractions. In addition, it was listed in the Best Parks in the World by the Project for Public Places in the year 2003. There are over 8 gardens in the park, including Alcazar Garden, The Desert Garden, Botanical Building and the Japanese Friendship Garden. The beauty of this park is well-maintained and managed by The City of San Diego’s Parks and Recreation Department. Visit here or call 619-239-0512 for more information.

Belmont Park Belmont Park is located at 3146 Mission Road. If you’re looking for a day filled with fun and excitement, be sure to visit Belmont Park, an amusement park featuring a carousel, a 175-foot indoor pool, and a roller coaster, to name just a few. The Big Dipper ride is now considered a California Historic Monument. It was constructed in 1925, and is a comparatively small attraction, at an estimated 74 feet high, but it’s popular for its g-forces and wild twists. Visit here for further information, or call 619-656-1500.

Quail Botanical Gardens Quail Botanical Gardens is located at 230 Quail Gardens Drive in Encinitas. This attraction started as Ruth and Charles Lara bee’s private estate, with about 30 acres of grounds. The grounds were landscaped with foreign plants such as palms, cacti, aloes, cycads, hibiscus, cork oaks, and some fruit-bearing trees and plants. In addition, they used the garden to teach younger generations about nature. Three years later, the Quail Botanical Gardens Foundation was created with the aim of supporting and preserving the beauty of the gardens. Some members signed a lease in 1993, at the same privatizing it as an independent nonprofit group. Visit here, or call 760-436-3036 for more information.

Carlsbad Flower Fields Carlsbad Flower Fields is located at 5704 Paseo in Del Norte. As you may have guessed from the name itself, the place is filled with purple, green, yellow, orange and red flowers. The owners did not originally intend to create a botanical garden, but instead meant it as a commercial location for growing Giant Ranunculus bulbs. In the end, it was a good thing that the bulbs produced such beautiful flowers, because that’s the reason the Flower Fields have become such a popular tourist spot for so many people. The Giant Ranunculus flower is the most popular among all the flowers because of its intense color and the denseness of its petals. You may call 760-431-0352 if you need more information.

Coronado Island Coronado Island is connected to San Diego downtown by the Coronado Island Bay Bridge going to the southern part of the San Diego County. It may be confusing, but Coronado Island is not an island; rather, it is a peninsula. There are a lot of things to do on Coronado Island. You can shop, dine and visit an art gallery in Ferry Landing Marketplace. You can also have a picnic in Coronado Island Tidelands Park and enjoy the San Diego skyline. Farmer's markets are held here every Tuesday. A hotel is available for your stay. If you want to tan, then go to Coronado Beach. Try the Gondola cruise for a romantic night out, or go bicycling to enjoy the morning sun. Visit here for more information, or call 619-437-8788.

Gas Lamp Quarter The Gas Lamp Quarter is located around 614 5th Avenue. This 16 ½-block neighborhood runs through Downtown San Diego. The development started in the year 1867, when Alonzo Horton purchased the property, hoping that it would be made into a new city nearer to the Bay. He chose 5th Avenue as the principal street. It was renovated decades ago, which makes this place an entertainment and business district today. A lot of events take place in the Gas Lamp Quarter, including Shamrock, Mardi Gras and Taste of Gas Lamp. In addition, there are shops, nightclubs and restaurants to visit. Visit here for more information, or call 619-233-5227.

Hotel Del Coronado Hotel Del Coronado is located at 1500 Orange Avenue in Coronado. This hotel was built 120 years ago. It was a long time ago, but the Hotel Del Coronado still maintains its refinement and magnificence among the tourist destinations in southern California, and even around the world. The red-shingled iconic roof adds a bit of beautiful color to the impressive blue Pacific coastline. “The Del” is a point of pride for the locals, and the perfect example of a luxury resort. If you happen to be in California and are looking for a very relaxing place to stay, be sure to check out Hotel Del Coronado to make your visit more memorable. For more information, visit here, or call 619-435-6611.

La Jolla Cove La Jolla Cove is located at 1100 Coast Boulevard. This may be a small beach, but you will be surprised at its remarkable beauty. Situated in the southern part of California, it is a target for many photographers, mainly because of its exceptional attractiveness. La Jolla Cove is near the commercial area of the La Jolla community, but still maintains its own individual personality. Snorkelers, as well as scuba divers, are drawn to this place, as the water depths beyond 30 feet make it perfect for these sports. For a perfect picnic, Grassy Scripps Park is very close to La Jolla Cove. You may call 619-235-1169 for further information.

La Jolla La Jolla is located about 15 miles north of Downtown San Diego. The name means “The Jewel”, and it is considered to be one of the state's most beautiful seaside towns. People who are romantic, who love to shop or go for an outdoor adventure never fail to visit this place. It also has plenty of restaurants with high quality cuisine. In addition, the weather is mild the whole year round, though there is a chance of rain during the winter season. This is an excellent place to bond with family and friends. Whether you are here for a stroll or for a swim, rest assured that La Jolla will give you the experience of a lifetime.

Old Town San Diego Old Town San Diego is located in Twiggs Street at San Diego Avenue. Here, you can buy beautiful handicrafts, or indulge in authentic Mexican cuisine. Get first-hand experience of early life in California by visiting the historical buildings. The area is also called the “birthplace of California,” as the oldest part of town. It features a historical park, and many outdoor historic sites and landmarks. People who love history will certainly learn a lot here, although just as many simply enjoy shopping and eating. Visit here for more information, or call 619-220-5422.

Petco Park Petco Park is located at 100 Park Boulevard. This sports venue is very impressive in every way. When watching a baseball game in this Park, you can still see the amazing San Diego views. You have a perfect view of the lovely landscape, with stucco and stones on the outside walls, making Petco Park a perfect place to spend an afternoon at the baseball game. There is plenty of space, and plenty of fresh air. In addition, the location is easily accessible, whether you are traveling by car, Coaster, bus, cab or Trolley. A huge parking lot is available for visitors who arrive by private vehicle. Visit here for more information, or call 619-795-5000.

Qualcomm Stadium Qualcomm Stadium is located at 9449 Friars Road. Qualcomm Stadium is only a few minutes from the City Center of San Diego, and boasts a seating capacity of 70,561. It is home to the San Diego Chargers, the Holiday Bowl and Poinsettia Bowl, among many others. In fact, the San Diego Chargers played their first game way back in August of 1967 when the Stadium was built. Other notable moments in the history of the Stadium include the expansion to 61,000 seats in 1984 at a cost of $9.1 million. In 1997, the Stadium was further expanded, with the addition of 10,500 seats, 34 suites, club lounges, food outlets and video boards that were added at a cost $78 million. All these developments have contributed to making Qualcomm Stadium a premier location for sports events. For more information, please visit here or call 619-641-3100.

The Mission San Diego de Alcala is located at 10818 San Diego Mission Road. The first mission in California was named San Diego de Alcala in honor of Saint Didacus of Alcala. This small mission encountered a lot of problems with diseases and Indian attacks. After a short period of time, the mission moved from its original location to a new site across the River. Nowadays, visitors can see a refurbished church that can be traced back to 1813. Travelers can view the Church, the Mission exhibits, and an original bell.

The San Luis Rey Mission is located at 4050 Mission Avenue in Oceanside. This is the eighteenth mission of California, which was founded way back in June 1798 by Father Fermin Lasuen. San Luis Rey rapidly became the most effective of all the California missions, which reached their peak in 1831. After the secularization of the missions by Mexico, the missions went into decline until the return of the Franciscan priests in 1892. One year later, the church was rededicated; reconstruction started in 1895 and still continues today. Visitors can discover a rebuilt mission church and a museum that, in itself, make it a worthwhile trip.

Seaport Village Seaport Village is located in downtown San Diego on West Harbor Drive and Pacific Highway, and is adjacent to Embarcadero Park North. The Village consists of 14 acres of shopping area and restaurant facilities, featuring ponds, lakes and landscaping. The 54 unique shops in this area make this a highly recommended place for all those wishing to do some shopping. The four bay-view restaurants and the thirteen international eateries will surely satisfy all tastes and types out there. Moreover, Seaport village features live entertainment, with a variety of artists such as musicians (blues, jazz and country, among others), painters and sculptors. For more information, please visit here or call 619-235-4014.

Villa Montezuma The Villa Montezuma is located at 1925 K Street. This is one of the most interesting places to visit in all of San Diego. In fact, the Villa Montezuma is a wonderfully designed Victorian house that has been furnished with the help of Jesse Shepard. On the outside, the Villa displays a Queen-Anne style with fireplace chimneys embellishing the roof and magnificent decorations on its façade. The interior is also very attractive with silver and gold “lincrusta” adorning the ceilings. The walls are made of sublime dark Redwood, and superb fireplaces embellish the music and dining rooms, making this fantastic Villa a must-see. For more information, please visit here or call 619-232-6203

San Diego Travel Guide
As you can see, San Diego’s beautiful museums, statues, and other historical landmarks can serve as an educational, yet eventful addition to your vacation. Other San Diego Attractions include Paradise Point Resort San Diego, to enjoy a luxury stay.
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