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San Diego Checklist

With all the attractions that are available, San Diego is a magnificent place to visit. It is certain that you will have some difficulty in choosing the places of interest, which is why we have written this small guide consisting of eight places that you should not dare to miss when in San Diego. Also , if you are driving all by yourselves make sure to keep a check on the San Diego County Dui rules and regulations to save you penalties for wrongful driving or San Diego County Dui Attorney fees.

1. The Beach. The beach is one area that you dare not miss during your visit to San Diego. This is where the action is. Whether for soaking in the sun or watching the waves, San Diego beaches are definitely recommended.

2. The Fish Taco. Find a place that serves fish tacos! The fish taco is a snack you should not miss in San Diego. The fish is deep fried and enclosed in a tortilla, which gives it a distinctive flavor. It is one of those foods that you will crave for the rest of your life once you have tasted them.

3. A Trip to Mexico. Given its proximity to Mexico, it would be a fool who does not take advantage of this. You can, for instance, visit Tijuana or Baja Mexico either by day or night. Do not, however, forget to bring your passport and respect the laws of the State in order avoid any unpleasant surprises.

4. Trolley Riding. The public transport system in San Diego is not the best when compared to other major cities, but one good thing that they have is the trolley. This is especially interesting given the daunting aspect of the highways available there. Get yourself an all0day trolley pass and enjoy the discovery of San Diego and in a simple and relaxing way.

5. The Pandas. The San Diego Zoo is a recommended attraction for anyone visiting the City. The most interesting animal there is the Panda - especially little Su Lin. Tips for Panda lovers- go in the morning when the animals are most active.

6. Balboa Park. After you have visited the Pandas, you can then go to Balboa Park. The atmosphere there is simply magnificent, whatever the time of your visit. Tips for visitors: on Tuesdays most museums offer free admission. Once your visit is over, you can then eat at the Prado Restaurant- wonderful food and setting is guaranteed.

7. The Night in Gaslamp The Gaslamp area in San Diego City Center is a recommended place for dancing and eating at night. This is the place to be to discover the inner city life of San Diego with foods to suit any taste and type.

San Diego Travel Guide

8. Old Town. For those who want a glimpse of San Diego’s past, the Old Town State Historic Park can be very informative. There you will find scraps of the Old San Diego everywhere you look. You will find a variety of restaurants serving different kinds of food. Make it a point to visit the Old Town Mexican Café if you want to taste the best Mexican food in San Diego.

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